Welcome to Trucks & Cranes LLC

Your trusted lifting solutions partner in Qatar. We provides comprehensive transportation solutions, project logistics services, and relocation services since 2009, we have been a leading name in heavy equipment rental, serving the diverse needs of the Qatar market. We specialize in high-quality mobile cranes, forklifts, boom trucks, recovery trucks, and flatbed trailers, tailored to the demands of the Oil and Gas industries and the Construction sector. We cater to customers from various industries, including oil & gas, construction & infrastructure, events, facilities management, and more. Our tailored service plans ensure that we meet the specific requirements of each customer, delivering reliable solutions for their projects.

Why Trucks & Cranes LLC


First-class service

We are committed to offering competitive rates and pride ourselves on our business ethics and our commitment to customer service as they have created the strength and foundation of our company.


Large fleet

This feature provides a high availability rate and facilitates easy replacement in the event of machinery breakdown.


Fast response team

Our goal is to rectify a breakdown within 24 hours. This is attained through our 24/7 active call center and our available experienced technicians as well as alternative replacement.


Well known nationwide

Our reputation has now put us on a platform for high-demand services by our esteemed customers. This was carried out through many years as a company of choice for lifting solution support.


Quality machines & well maintained

We have an experienced technical team with vast experience in lifting machinery operations that provides a high level of preventative maintenance resulting in top-condition equipment.


Meeting all safety standards

All our staff and field teams are committed to safe systems of work and strive to exceed health and safety standards with a one team one goal attitude for accomplishment.



We will continue to pursue the best business practices in order to establish itself as a leader in its sector and the preferred company in the State of Qatar

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